Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Hurrah for the Perks of pilot ‘wifestyle’!

Well, after all the stressing-I did manage to get onto the flight with Bf to Mexico as a standby… Still here now as a matter of fact. It’s only 9pm local time, 3am back home, but my body seems to be on Mexican time already. Bf is fast asleep, ensuring he gets well rested before the 10 hour flight home tomorrow.

I’ve had a wonderful time… I’m SO glad that I was able to come out here.

Yesterday, we landed in the afternoon at 2:30pm local, and had drinks in the bar before going to a cabaret club which was SO much fun! By the time we got to bed, we’d been up for about 25 hours, so today was spent drifting in and out of sleep beside the pool, and swimming up to the pool bar for blended fruit cocktails (yummy)… All good, apart from sunburnt legs (i fell asleep without re-applying cream to my legs, and awoke to lobster red legs, which is always nice!

So for now at least, you won’t hear me complaining about his job… I’m too busy enjoying the perk, that luckily worked out-SO FAR (I still have to keep my fingers crossed that there are enough free seats on the aeroplane home tomorrow).

This is a good day, one in the memory bank… I do love my man so much, and today, for a change, I love his job! 😀


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