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Mars Bars taste better when they’ve been up and down at least 3 times!

Sorry, I decided to think about things that make me happy after I posted my last rant (sorry about that).

I love Missy Higgins. I’m listening to her album now (The Sound of White). If you don’t know it, have a look at youtube and listen to some of her stuff for free.

I love it when Bf brings me home chocolate from work (well, ok, it’s a double-edged sword-due to the calories). Often I will say no, but sometimes he’ll tune into my one weakness! Here’s an example of a conversation…

Bf: “Do you want the chocolate I brought home from work?”

Me: “NO! You know I’m on a diet!”

Bf: “Its a Mars Bar!!!”

Me: “Nooooooo!”

Bf: “It’s been ‘up and down 3 times!”

Me: “Ooooohhhhh, go ON then!”

He is tuning into me weakness! He’ll offer me a Mars Bar, but not just any Mars Bar. He’ll hang onto it for a few flights, and then offer it to me… This is particularly irresistable. Let me explain…

I noticed that sometimes the Mars Bars would be particularly nicer than other times. After some time, we concluded that the reason for this was purely and simply that these were the Mars Bars that had been on several flights in his flight bag! LOL… It must be that the pressurisation and depressurisation of the whipped mousey chocolate filling is affected. They end up really soft, and for some reason, this makes them irrisitably yummy!

It’s now a little joke between us that I cant resist a Mars Bar once its been ‘up and down’ 3 times.

Try it for yourself! Get your pilot to take a Mars Bar to work with him for a few flights before giving it to you.

Beware, this only works for Mars Bars, I’m fairly positive that Quiche for example would not handle 3 flights well :-S


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