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Fingers Crossed I can go on his next Long-haul!

Bf’s next long-haul is in exactly one week. It’s only a Mexico trip, which is never particularly sought after… From what I can work out, it’s one of those trips that the FO’s in his company seem to get rostered for every month regardless of whether they bid for it or not.

The hotel that his airline used to use there was a bit of a dump, but the new one looks fab from the pictures I’ve seen. He did one of his first ever long-haul trips there, and when he came home; he showed me pictures that made me green with envy, and then promptly declared that he’d never want to go there for a ‘real’ holiday. At the time I was gutted, and thought that this may be a sign of things to come (and that therefore, there would be a whole array of places that would be off limits for us when it came to our own holidays).

On this occasion I am not going to lose any more sleep over it though… His parents have agreed to have baby for the duration of his next trip there, and my mum has agreed to look after the boys for me in the evenings. I also have a good friend that I’ve made who happens to be a child minder, who has agreed to look after the boys on an adhoc basis and do school-runs for me if ever I want to go on a trip with Bf (though obviously I’ve insisted that I pay for this favour, and not simply take advantage of her kindness).

So, it looks like I will be able to go, as long as the passenger loads aren’t too high with full-fare payers.  It will be a bit of a headache, as Bf is flying OUT of one airport, but BACK into a different one. This means that I’ll need to book a flight back home, as well as a standby ticket with his airline, which just adds to the cost. However, I’m SO excited that I’ll be able to go there with him after all, (albeit for only 2 clear days) that I dont much care how much it’s costing me!

We’ll be going on Sunday (the day after we’re going to one of my best friend’s 30th birthday party in the city) and returning 3 days before Bf’s ‘surprise’ 30th birthday party…

I think I forgot to mention that little story.  All the planning I have done amounted to nothing for his big ‘SURPRISE’… I had arranged with Flight Deck Leave to book a pair of days off for his party weekend, but mentioned that it was for a surprise birthday party. I said that I’d ensure he booked it off nearer the time, but didn’t want to draw attention to it in advance. They agreed, and put a note ion the booking system to say booked off for Surprise birthday party-SHHHH DON’T TELL ANYONE’. But they somehow neglected to remove this from the system before his roster went live, and his roster was published with the message there for him to see!

I was pretty hacked off, as I’ve been organising this party for over 8 months (this was fairly essential as a fair number of the guests are going to be pilots, and need bags of notice to get time off). Everyone had managed to keep it from passing their lips too, which I was pleasantly surprised about. Oh well… What can you do? The ladies at the Flight Deck leave dept were very apologetic, and it was a stupid oversight, so it was hard to be mad at them.

Still, this means a very busy couple of weeks ahead!


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