Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend


AAAAARGH! I hate crewing, who are officially now called screwing…

This weekend, Bf is working, but only from 2pm Sat until Sunday night… Normally I have to get up early all throughout the week to either work, or do school runs… But weekend days we lie in bed until later and just talk about rubbish, and have a giggle, and cuddle, etc, before we rush to get up and do stuff.

So last night we came to bed, and the only time we ever talked about looking forward to this… Well, I’m sure you can guess the rest… They rang up this morning to say that there was a change to his schedule and now instead of catching a commercial flight up to Scotland, he’d Be getting a taxi to the Midlands, and ferrying an empty plane up to Scotland. So our lazy morning was thrown into a chaotic mess of rushed eating, changed plans, extra preparation and general pandamonium, which resulted in Bf leaving slightly later than he’d have liked; which never leaves him in his best mood.


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