Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend


Here’s a fact… My pilot know’s I keep this blog, and that I read some of the other pilot wife/partner blogs, I even read him extracts of them occasionally… But I have asked him that I not have to show him mine… Not because I have secrets to keep from him, but because I feel more comfortable writing it if I know the content is mine… Like a diary…

That may sound wierd, because blatantly other people ARE reading my blog… But the thing is, in the majority at least, I do not know these people (a few, but only through places like Jet Girls, other blogs, and Facebook, etc) but these are pretty much women in the same situation as me… I like to be as candid as possible on here, and since some of what I do (OK a fair bit) is venting about the airline industry, I feel more comfortable writing it like a diary (privately).  To be fair to him though, I agreed to keep names and company names out of it.

Generally he is not a nosey man, and he is not into reading stuff like this any way. So I believe him when he says OK. If he were desperate to read it, then I guess I would allow him to; but I would expect him to ask me, and I would show him myself. He jokes though that he’ll look for it on Google or something, which got me around to wondering WHO looks at my blog, and how they find it…

…Recently, I discovered that I could look at something called “referer’s”, which shows me which sites the hit’s for my blog are coming from… It’s not as ‘Big Brother’ as it sounds, it didn’t give me anything personal, and if logins were required, it would disallow access to the site page.

This to me has been immensly interesting, because it has given me quite an insight into who has bothered to look at my blog.  I had quite a few that I fully expected to see, such as group referers that have links, and a couple of other blogs that have me listed on their blog roll…

I was however unconvinced that all my counter hits were coming from these. Up until now, I didn’t have much of an idea where all my counter hits were coming from, as I’ve only ever had 2 readers post comments (and one of those was SPAM)! So I was surprised to see that many of the hits had come from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and a few others that I’d never even heard of.

I’m not massively internet savvy, but when I clicked on these links, I was able to see the search criteria that had been entered (in some cases). Some were quite random, and I’m sure the searchers probably didn’t read much of what they found on my blog, but at least one of the criteria that had been entered was entitled ‘how to cope with being a pilot’s wife’.

I was comforted to know that there are others out there connecting with me in this way, albeit anonymously. I just wanted to say, that if this rings true for you… Dont be a stranger! Come and say hello!?


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