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Power of positive thought…

One of my friends husbands has ended up doing the flight Bf was offered yesterday. I’m even more pleased now in retrospect that he didn’t accept it… The reason they had re-crewed was because the plane ‘went tech’ (or broke) and apparently, although they’ve made it out there, they were significantly delayed in leaving due to the engineers working on it… And it’s already had its originally planned return trip delayed by a day, as there are still some issues that engineers are now resolving.

She is sat at work worrying about him, with a feeling of uneasiness about the whole trip.

He’ll be fine of course. They simply won’t leave until they are 100% convinced that the plane is safe to fly. No airline would chance something like that, and he certainly wouldn’t fly it home if he were in any doubt as to it’s safety.

I know how she feels though, sometimes us girlies simply have bad gut feelings about something… But I’m convinced she’s got nothing to worry about this time. I don’t envy her though-so my thoughts are with her; because she’s the one stuck at home, with a career of her own to try and concentrate on, and a dark empty house to return to today, that will do little to reassure her.

So I’m thinking positive thoughts for her, because sometimes we can all do with the power of positive thought!


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