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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend


I wanted to write something about friendship. Throughout my childhood, I seemed to move from school to school for one reason or another, a house move, an education preference and funding issues. I even changed universities after my first year!

Consequentially, although I made lots of casual friendships, only a handfull of these, were not ‘fair weather friends’, the ones that stand by you through thick and thin, for the fun times AND the tears-and never lose contact, even without the aid of online social networks like Facebook and My Space.

I have always been quite sad about this, as I consider myself to be one of those people that will put myself out for most of my friends.

So I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the friendships that I have made online. People in similar life situations to me, who have been there for me, when I had some rough moments, or down days-without passing judgement on me.

There have been a handfull of women I have met, that I am now pleased to call friends; but there is one in particular who has gone out of her way to contact me and generally be a true friend even when most others would have naturally let it slip their minds to be thinking about somebody else… Something she did without being asked or prompted.

I have been absolutely bowled over by her genuinely kind and warm friendship, given the length of time I have known her. Thank you to all my friends for their friendship, but to her in particular.


2 Responses to “Friends”

  1. Ahh that was a nice blog. I’m intrigued, what did this friend do without being prompted?

    Look forward to seeing you Sat!
    M x

  2. yeah, friendship, how do you define it?

    I have a discussion on this topic too, also offered a challenge, only 4 took it, while 70 fly by without a trace.

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