Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Back to the beginning.

Bf and I got our weekend away! I gave up breast feeding a few weeks ago, partially because I’d reached the six month target I set myself, partially because I was feeling a little crappy, and partially because my diet didn’t seem good enough to properly sustain both of us.

Which meant that she and I are no longer joined at the breast! This did make me a little sad in some respects, as I really enjoyed the closeness that it gave me to her. However, on the flip side, it Means that I have ownership of my body back, and could start living my life a little more normally again.

Last week was half term, meaning that my ex had the boys from Thursday all the way through until Sunday. Bf was supposed to be on a longhaul trip to the Bahamas, but swapped with a friend who’s hostie girlfriend was working the same trip; and his roster for the duration happened to be empty-which gave us the rare opportunity of 3 full days off together.

Bf’s parents agreed to look after baby for us, so that we could have some quality ‘couple’ time together; and Bf planned the weekend for us.

Unfortunately, all flights were priced to the hilt, being last minute AND half term, and we just couldn’t afford to go aboad for a city break… But I was not dissappointed…

Bf booked us into a lovely hotel in our favourite city (where we had our very first date after talking online for 8 weeks). It was where he completed the last portion of his full-time training when he returned to the UK from Abroad. Its also only about 40 minutes from where his parents live (which gave us the peace of mind that if she were lost without us, we could easily return to collect her).

I was really keen to return, since it has so many positive associations for us, and was where we spent a large portion of our time at the start of our relationship. It is full of special memories together for us.

On the Thursday, we stayed at Bf’s parents to settle baby in, then on the Friday, we left… It was amazing… The hotel was lovely, overlooking the sea, and on the first night there, he had booked us tickets to see Chicago at the theatre. First we ate at a really funky restaurant, and after the show (and a little too much vino) we miandered back to our hotel along the sea front, stopping at a funfair by the pier to ride the Waltzer, giggling like silly school children for the entire ride.

On the Saturday, we walked around the shops and city gardens, used the hotel gym and pool, then returned to the centre of town for a meal in one of our favourite restaurants, before heading back to the night club where we ended up on our very first date. We danced, and laughed, and held hands the whole evening (something we have missed since we’ve had a pram in the way).

All too quickly, the weekend was over, but the memories we made were blissfully happy ones; and baby seemed to thouroughly enjoy being doted on by her loving grandparents, and disn’t miss us desperately (actualy she barely seemed to notice that we had gone)! Both these factors have encouraged us to want to go again some time-not soon enough!


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