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Quality Time

This weekend has been really lovely. My boys went to my ex for the first time in three weeks, and Bf and I were able to have some time out (albeit with baby). We are in desperate need of it at the moment.

Yesterday we went for a long walk on the North Downs, and then went for a meal out in the evening. I had far too much to drink, but was able to feel the most relaxed that I have done for ages (I’ve only just given up breast feeding, so I haven’t been out like that in about a year and a half).

Today we went swimming, just the three of us… It has been the happiest and most chilled out weekend we’ve spent together for quite some time.

It has really got me thinking that we need more time out, just the two of us. Quality couple time, as this can really go by the way side when you have babies, unless you make a concerted effort to make couple time out together.

It’s going to take some planning, but I really think it would be amazingly beneficial to our relationship to have a weekend away somewhere together-SOON!


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