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Ladies Night

Well, Bf is on the Canada trip I was dreading so much, but it’s not been so bad… Last night was a pain, because baby was up for what felt like ALL night. I finally got to sleep at 5am, only to have Bf ring me at 5:40am to say goodnight. I didn’t mind being woken though… I never do, I love to know that I’m the last one to speak to him before he goes to sleep.

He seems to be having an OK time, six of them went off to some Canyon today, which he enjoyed, and I don’t feel the pang of jeallousy that I thought I might over it.  I know he’d rather have me there than be there with the crew, he seemed less than impressed with a few of them.

One of them, he said, reminded him of the teenage daughter of an acquaintance of mine.

…This girl used to baby sit (occasionally) for my two boys before we moved (if we were desperate!) She was 15 years old, but was intellectually… well, retarded (sorry, but she was).  She was nice enough with the children, but as daft as a sheep (actually I might have done an injustice to sheep there)!

It was really hard to hold a conversation with her… For example, once we came home to find her watching cartoons, and I said ‘oh you needn’t watch those, the boys aren’t really supposed to watch them too much any way’, her reply was that she liked them, and it was HER who chose to watch them! On the way home, she asked me what jobs Bf and I did. I told her that Bf is a pilot, ‘What’s wunna-them then?‘ she asked. I told her that Bf flew aeroplanes, the kind that take people on holiday, ‘WOW!‘ Then she asked what I did for a job, and I told her I was a recruitment consultant. ‘What’s wunna-them?’she asked. I told her that I help people find jobs (DUH!) She asked me if I would help her find a job when she finished her exams in a year (DOH! Oh God really!? I thought).

I asked her what she wanted to be, and she said a hairdresser… ‘Ah well, I don’t really work with hairdressers you see’I explained (phew!) I explained that I woked in the commercial sector (DOH!) That is office and sales staff, I explained. She looked perplexed, and rather than confuse her needlessly any further, I changed the subject… ‘Wow a hairdresser! That’ll be good!’. ”Yeah! I could cut your hair then, an’ colour it ‘n’ stuff!”, ‘Hmmmm, yes maybe’ I lied…

Any way, I digress… Where was I, Oh yes, Bf said that one of the hosties was pretty much exactly like this girl. He said that it was really irritating being around her, because she was incapable of holding a normal conversation, and that it was like having a young, but stupid child tagging along. He said that because she was incapable of holding a proper conversation, the conversation had to be dumbed down to her level; (he dislikes trite small talk with people he has no desire to know, so this would have been his idea of hell) and said that he felt ‘the whole conversation was basically boll*cks!’ (his words not mine!) He also said that it’s not like you could even leave her, as they basically had to baby sit her, and felt that she would be a liability if they did not.

Furthermore, each restaurant bill has been a nightmare; as the hosties wont just simply split the bill by the number of people eating, but want to calculate every drink, and item separately. This is fine when there are only a few of you eating out, but with 11 of you, it’s a complete headache. Especially as tips seem to be mandatory in Canada (hosties don’t enjoy parting with money for tips apparently), and they add about 4 separate taxes to your food bill.

He said it was a ‘complete ball ache’ trying to explain this to the intellectually challenged hostie in question. In the end, a couple of them just added the extra money, rather than bother trying to explain it or argue over who should pay for what.

I on the other hand, had a delightful evening, especially as it was completely unplanned! I was originally supposed to spend the weekend in France with the children and my parents at their place in Normandy, but for one reason or another I couldn’t (my stupid ex, but I really cant be bothered to wast my time and effort telling you about it). I ended up without the boys for the weekend, and thought I’d end up sat home alone pining for Bf.

A friend came to my rescue though! We were talking on the phone, and she said she was going to a ‘Ladies Night’ locally and asked if I would like to come too, since she would’ve been going alone otherwise…

We met up, and had an absolute blast! Baby was an angel and slept in her car seat for the entire duration, and we had: Indian head massages, tarrot readings, bought bath smellies, and looked at various other stalls with make-up artists, and reflexologists etc. I even won a reflexology gift voucher in the raffle! We were able to sit with a glass of wine, and have a good old chat and catch up!

Bf meanwhile is back out for the night, probably having another trite conversation about something he’d rather stick pins in his eyes than discuss, with someone he’d probably normally cross the road to avoid… Hehe!


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