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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

How funny!

How funny is this? When Bf landed in Canada, the crew that relieved them of duty recommend this nice restaurant they all went to… So last night they made a reservation for the restaurant, and bundled into 2 taxis to go there.

So him, and the other 5 from his taxi share, arrive first and are sat there waiting wondering where the others are, and why they are taking so long. These guys take so long to turn up that they decide to order without them.

About 40 minutes into the meal, they’re discussing how rude it was that the others did a no-show, and somehow ( I guess someone overheard them and told them) they realise that there are 2 of these restaurants in the city with the exact same name. So they get their restaurant to ring the other restaurant and find out if the others were there… YUP!

They’d been having the exact same ‘How rude are they!’ conversation in their restaurant! Hahaha!


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