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Post-Baby Body Beautiful

I have always been slim. As a teenager, my natural frame was always ‘underweight’ according to charts. People were forever praising how ‘lovely and slim’ I was. I was also extremely toned as I was very active and sporty. So, although I’m not shallow, or overly image focussed; its been ingrained in me from a young age-that being slim is something that gets positively reinforced, and therefore makes me feel good about myself.

During my first pregnancy I didn’t worry about weight gain, quite the opposite in fact! My mother had weighed less just after she had me as a baby, than she had pre-pregnancy(!) and I guess I naively assumed that just because I shared her genes, I’d be the same.  I gained roughly 54lb! Completely avoidable; it was due to over-eating, poor diet, and lack of excercise. I’d fancy a chocolate bar, and think to myself ‘oh screw it-I’m pregnant’ and eat six instead!

With a new baby, and all my spare time being spent at uni finishing my degree; I had few opportunities to actively shed the excess weight. I ended up with PND and a low self-esteem. It made me reluctant to repeat the experience.

I only made it back down to a size 10 (US 6) between the boys, but with my second pregnancy I was extremely mindful of being active and healthy. Then I went through the divoce and met Bf; and was so in love that I was literally nauseous or ‘love sick’ all the time. I couldn’t eat for the best part of two months, and ended up a size 6! This time, I only gained 35lb, and still have 14 left to lose. I have noticed that I am having to make much more effort to lose it third time around, and I need to sort out my lack of muscle tone!

So, I’ve decided to do something proactive about it! I have joined a really nice local gym, and have booked myself into see a personal trainer, so that he can kick my ass back into shape! I am going to eat and drink really conscientiously! I set myself a clear (if slightly ambitious) target of losing the weight, and toning up by mid November; when I have arranged a big surprise 30th birthday party for Bf.

There will be friends there who he hasn’t seen for many years, and who I’ve obviously never met, and I don’t want them thinking that he settled for a minger! I want him to be as proud of me as he was when we first met. Whilst I know this will have more to do with me being the right person inside; first impressions count. And as I’m forever being reminded, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  I don’t want to leave it to chance! I’ll let you know if I manage it on time-I’m quite excited about it, as I love a challenge!


One Response to “Post-Baby Body Beautiful”

  1. Good luck with getting in shape! I’m in the same boat- I’ve got 10 pounds to go also from my second pregnancy. It seems that hubby’s/baby’s schedule right now just doesn’t allow me the time time to workout much. Good for you for joining the gym- a little external movitation will be helpful I’m sure!

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