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Aaaaargh! Somebody please give me some rose-tinted glasses for my green eyes!?

I need to vent!

Bf is away SO much this month, and it seems like it’s all long-haul and away-from-base weeks! I guess it was inevitable… It’s his first winter where he is eligable to work long-haul , and previously, he has spent his winters moping in the house, bored stiff, with an empty roster.  They sure are compensating now though! I’m not sure that I’ll recognise him by March.

I was looking forward to having a few evenings with him before he heads off to Canada in two days, I’d bought all the components of a beautiful meal for us to share this evening-just the two of us, one of his favourite meals in fact… Then, Crewing decided to phone up and offer him a ‘over-time. This is financially too good for him to turn down.

So, he left at 5:15pm, and returns home at about 5am tomorrow. The money is all very well and good, and we could certainly do with it at the moment, but it’s not much compensation to me… It’s not only meant scrapping the romantic meal this evening, but also totally ruined my chances of enjoying tomorrow with him, and he leaves for his long-haul the next day! His circadian rhythms will be all over the place!

It’s also one long-haul trip that I’m really frustrated about for a number of reasons.  He happened to fly with a couple of the hosties who will be on the trip last week. Naturally it came up in conversation in the turn around. He asked if they’d been before, as he wanted to do some ‘go see’ stuff whilst he’s there… They both said they hadn’t, but said they’d like to too, and promptly ‘volunteered’ him as the ‘designated entertainments co-ordinator’ for the trip.

He actually went searching online for tourist information, and then went to not one, but two book shops to find the right book, so that he could do stuff out there.  This is something we normally do TOGETHER for our holidays, and I am so irritated that it’s not me going with him to discover these places. I’m not over the moon about the hosties feeling so comfortable with him that they decided to put him in charge of entertaining them either… I’m convinced they fancy him, and I don’t trust them a bit.  I trust him though, and he’s blatantly not interested in them, so that’s not the thing that I’m jealous of (only irritated by).

It’s the fact that he’ll be seeing all these awesome places for the first time without me. I’d LOVE to go… I have friends who’ve emmigrated to Canada who say it’s amazing; and in the mean time; boring little old me gets to stay at home with the kids… He’s going to get home and rave about all the exciting places he’s been, and all I’ll have to follow it with is idle chat about the weekly shop and other ‘normal’ mundane stuff (OK I may be over-exhaggerating, my life isn’t really that boring! But you get my point).

Also, IF he ever wants to go there on a proper holiday with me, he’ll have already been there, seen it, and done it all before! I say IF, because he sometimes returns from a destination with photos that look like they fell out of a holiday brochure, then devastates me by saying it was alright, but he wouldn’t want to go again for a ‘real’ holiday.

Ho hum!

Just needed to get that off my chest… Rant over!


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