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I adore him…

Tonight, I was reminded of a few things I love about Bf… He walked in after a LONG day. Baby had been very demanding today and I couldn’t put her down without her wimpering…

I had to make 3 runs to the school today, and was well behind with what I wanted to get done… Despite my promising to do my stepford wife bit, and have the place looking immaculate, it looked worse than when he left!

It was 6:30pm (30 minutes early) when he walked through the front door looking so good-I can’t imagine why every red-blooded female wouldn’t want him too.

Baby was lying in her play nest crying. The boys were trying, but failing to pacify her, and I was trying to cook a meal. My stress levels were particularly high as I hate over-promising and under delivering, and it suddenly cranked up a level when I realised the deadline had arrived early. I fully expected him to be irritated.

Instead, he calmly walked in, picked up our daughter, kissed me, offered to bath and feed her, and said he’d been looking forward to the meal I was preparing. Not a word about the chaos…

He made me feel so relaxed, it was exactly what I needed, and I couldn’t have programmed him better!

Then we sat down and watched something amusing on the television, and I couldn’t help feeling smug as I watched him laughing. He really is so chilled out when it matters and I need it.


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