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How funny!

September 30, 2007

How funny is this? When Bf landed in Canada, the crew that relieved them of duty recommend this nice restaurant they all went to… So last night they made a reservation for the restaurant, and bundled into 2 taxis to go there. So him, and the other 5 from his taxi share, arrive first and are […]

Ladies Night

September 30, 2007

Well, Bf is on the Canada trip I was dreading so much, but it’s not been so bad… Last night was a pain, because baby was up for what felt like ALL night. I finally got to sleep at 5am, only to have Bf ring me at 5:40am to say goodnight. I didn’t mind being […]

Aviation Family Forums

September 28, 2007

I recently read in another blog how another pilot wife was reluctant to post due to wanting to keep her thoughts less public… She was irritated by the tendency of a few partners to speak as if they were the authority on aviation, and in some way posting by proxy for their loved one.  When […]

Post-Baby Body Beautiful

September 26, 2007

I have always been slim. As a teenager, my natural frame was always ‘underweight’ according to charts. People were forever praising how ‘lovely and slim’ I was. I was also extremely toned as I was very active and sporty. So, although I’m not shallow, or overly image focussed; its been ingrained in me from a young age-that […]

Aaaaargh! Somebody please give me some rose-tinted glasses for my green eyes!?

September 26, 2007

I need to vent! Bf is away SO much this month, and it seems like it’s all long-haul and away-from-base weeks! I guess it was inevitable… It’s his first winter where he is eligable to work long-haul , and previously, he has spent his winters moping in the house, bored stiff, with an empty roster.  […]

Over active imagination

September 23, 2007

I tend to wait up for Bf if he has a late flight. I’m not exactly a saint for doing so as I’m quite a night owl anyway, especially when Bf is not home, I dislike going to bed without him. Plus I think it’s nicer for him to come home to me when I’m awake, and he appreciates it. Yesterday his […]

7 Year Marriages

September 22, 2007

Every day, I wake up with giddy anticipation, and I wonder: “what will be the dumbest idea I’ll hear today? I feel that has now been answered. According to BERLIN (Reuters) yesterday, a German Bavarian politician, Gabriele Pauli, suggested in her manifesto, that marriage should last just 7 years! She told reporters at the launch […]

I adore him…

September 21, 2007

Tonight, I was reminded of a few things I love about Bf… He walked in after a LONG day. Baby had been very demanding today and I couldn’t put her down without her wimpering… I had to make 3 runs to the school today, and was well behind with what I wanted to get done… […]

Christmas, what’s that?

September 20, 2007

As a child, Christmas was always such a big deal in our house. I think more so than most. We always had between 10 and 15 people in the house, mostly family. Christmas would always be such a loud, sparkly, ‘merry’ time, and we would look forward to it. The house was always decorated, and it would be a really family […]

I thought I was the only one!

September 20, 2007

I recently read the blog of a a pilot’s wife, where she described her panic as her husband’s roster was changed, and he stayed home instead of flying.  She had plans for her alone time that were disrupted, and rather than be ecstatic that he would be home instead, it bothered her that these plans were compromised… […]